The Baltimore (MD) Alumni Chapter

Ten years after the organization and incorporation of Kappa Alpha Psi (born Kappa Alpha Nu), the Baltimore (MD) Alumni Chapter was chartered on September 9th, 1921. It was the brainchild of George L. Newman, a Lincoln University (PA) Alumnus and an initiate of the Lincoln University Chapter, the Epsilon of Kappa Alpha Psi. Robert L. Jackson, M.D. (Kappa), pharmacists Newman and N. Monroe Scott (Xi) petitioned the Grand Chapter to organize and initiate new members.

They were joined by educators Deaver P. Young (Omicron), John H. Alston (Epsilon and Pi) and pharmacist J. H. Lassiter (Lambda). The other charter members were initiated in August 1921 in a fraternal hall in the 1200 block of Myrtle Avenue. They were pharmacist William S. Harris, banker John Johnson, Attorney Lewis S. Flagg, Jr. and John H. Tompkins, M.D. Thus, the Baltimore Alumni Chapter charter members are:

  • John H. Alston – Educator
  • Lewis S. Flagg, Jr. – Attorney
  • William S. Harris – Pharmacist
  • Robert L. Jackson – Physician
  • John Johnson – Banker
  • John H. Lassiter – Pharmacist
  • George L. Newman – Pharmacist
  • N. Monroe Scott – Pharmacist
  • John H. Tompkins – Physician
  • Deaver P. Young – Educator

The chapter has a history of aiding in the development of youth. Guide Right is the national program adopted by the Grand Chapter in 1922. The objective of the Baltimore Alumni Chapter’s program is to provide inner-city youth with an organized program of alternative choices designed to uplift them morally, socially, ethically and spiritually. Seven autonomous programs are provided in Baltimore City. Each program is designed to provide youth with positive role models through various activities. The past director of the program, William L.Clemm, II, received the Bert V. Wadkins Award, emblematic of the Best Guide Right Director in the Fraternity at the Grand Chapter Meeting in Charlotte, NC in 2003.

The Baltimore Alumni Chapter contributes to local charities annually. Although the chapter’s eleemosynary programs were successful, it was felt that improvement could have been made. To this end, the KAPPA ALPHA PSI FOUNDATION OF METROPOLITAN BALTIMORE, INC. was created. The mission of the Foundation is to subsidize programs that benefit youth and young adults trying to improve the quality of their lives. Such programs promote the academic, cultural, economic, and social well-being of these members of the metropolitan Baltimore Community. The Foundation enables those who are not Kappas to contribute to the program.

Within the Fraternity, we have furnished many regional (Province) and national (Grand Chapter) officers. A Past International Grand Polemarch (President) is Howard L. Tutman, Jr. The late Dr. G. James Fleming, former Chairman of the Board of Regents of Morgan State University, received the Fraternity’s highest award, the Laurel Wreath. George L. Russell, Jr. Esq. received the Laurel Wreath in 2007.

The late I.W.E. Taylor, Charles G. Tildon, Jr., George F. David, III and Melvin L. Jackson, M.D. were awarded the 2nd highest honor, the Elder Watson Diggs Award. Richard T. Edwards, Enyinna Anthony, and Marvin D. Carr have received the Guy L. Grant Award as undergraduates. The late George F. David, III and Dr. Elbert W. Strothers have received the William L. Crump History Award.

The chapter’s premiere social event is the Night in Kappa Vegas, held the first Friday night in March. Our Annual Black and White Ball is restricted to chapter members and their significant others.