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Chapter History

Ten years after the organization and incorporation of Kappa Alpha Psi (born Kappa Alpha Nu), the Baltimore (MD) Alumni Chapter was chartered on September 9th, 1921. It was the brainchild of George L. Newman, a Lincoln University (PA) Alumnus and an initiate of the Lincoln University Chapter, the Epsilon of Kappa Alpha Psi. Robert L. Jackson, M.D. (Kappa), pharmacists Newman and N. Monroe Scott (Xi) petitioned the Grand Chapter to organize and initiate new members. (read more)

Charter Member John Henry Alston was born on August 24, 1895 in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. His parents, Joseph and Carrie Alston, moved to Baltimore and in 1910 resided on Calhoun Street. His family moved to back to North Carolina where he completed his secondary education at Henderson Normal Institute. Brother Alston moved backed to Baltimore to work to save money for college.

He enrolled in Lincoln University where he was a Charter Member of the Epsilon of Kappa Alpha Psi and served as its first Keeper of Records. In fact, the June 1921 edition of the Kappa Alpha Psi Journal acknowledges his untiring efforts to establish the Epsilon. After earning his A.B. in Psychology he served in World War I after completing Officer’s Training at Howard University. He taught at Paine College,  Walden University (where Charter member Jackson matriculated), Morehouse College, and Alabama A&M University.

Brother Alston won a fellowship and attended Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts where he earned his M.A. in Psychology. Brother Alston is considered a pioneer of Black Psychology. In fact he is credited as the first African American to publish a research article ( “Psychophysics of the Spatial Condition of the Fusion of Warmth and Cold in Heat”) in an exclusively psychological journal, The American Journal of Psychology.

Interestingly, the Baltimore Alumni Chapter History attributes to Charter Member Deaver P. Young the chartering of the Alpha Epsilon of Kappa Alpha Psi, the Johnson C. Smith Chapter. The catalog for 1926 and 1928 do not list Brother Young as faculty but lists Brother Alston as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Professor of Psychology during the time the Chapter was chartered. Further, the June 1921 edition of the Journal lists Brother Alston as a driving force in the establishment of the Pi of Kappa Alpha Psi, the Morehouse College Chapter.

In 1937, Brother Alston entered the ministry and ultimately was the Presiding Elder of the Greenville District, Sherman District, and the Ft. Worth District of the C.M.E Church. Brother Alston was a sublime Prince of the Royal Secret of the 32 and last degree, Most Worshipful St. John Grand Lodge (PHA). In 1979, the Association of Black Psychologists recognized Brother Alston for being among the first African-American psychologists in the county. Brother Alston passed to the Chapter Invisible in 1981.


  • John H. Alston – Educator
  • Lewis S. Flagg, Jr. – Attorney
  • William S. Harris – Pharmacist
  • Robert L. Jackson – Physician
  • John Johnson – Banker
  • John H. Lassiter – Pharmacist
  • George L. Newman – Pharmacist
  • N. Monroe Scott – Pharmacist
  • John H. Tompkins – Physician
  • Deaver P. Young – Educator

The chapter has a history of aiding in the development of youth. Guide Right is the national program adopted by the Grand Chapter in 1922. The objective of the Baltimore Alumni Chapter’s program is to provide inner-city youth with an organized program of alternative choices designed to uplift them morally, socially, ethically and spiritually. Seven autonomous programs are provided in Baltimore City. Each program is designed to provide youth with positive role models through various activities. The past director of the program, William L.Clemm, II, received the Bert V. Wadkins Award, emblematic of the Best Guide Right Director in the Fraternity at the Grand Chapter Meeting in Charlotte, NC in 2003.

The Baltimore Alumni Chapter contributes to local charities annually. Although the chapter’s eleemosynary programs were successful, it was felt that improvement could have been made. To this end, the KAPPA ALPHA PSI FOUNDATION OF METROPOLITAN BALTIMORE, INC. was created. The mission of the Foundation is to subsidize programs that benefit youth and young adults trying to improve the quality of their lives. Such programs promote the academic, cultural, economic, and social well-being of these members of the metropolitan Baltimore Community. The Foundation enables those who are not Kappas to contribute to the program.

Within the Fraternity, we have furnished many regional (Province) and national (Grand Chapter) officers. A Past International Grand Polemarch (President) is Howard L. Tutman, Jr. The late Dr. G. James Fleming, former Chairman of the Board of Regents of Morgan State University, received the Fraternity’s highest award, the Laurel Wreath. George L. Russell, Jr. Esq. received the Laurel Wreath in 2007.

The late I.W.E. Taylor, Charles G. Tildon, Jr., George F. David, III and Melvin L. Jackson, M.D. were awarded the 2nd highest honor, the Elder Watson Diggs Award. Richard T. Edwards, Enyinna Anthony, and Marvin D. Carr have received the Guy L. Grant Award as undergraduates. The late George F. David, III and Dr. Elbert W. Strothers have received the William L. Crump History Award.

The chapter’s premiere social event is the Night in Kappa Vegas, held the first Friday night in March. Our Annual Black and White Ball is restricted to chapter members and their significant others.

Charter Members

In Every Field

Awards and Awardees

Administration Name Years
1st Robert L. Jackson MD 1921-1923
2nd Wilbeck F. Noville, MD 1923-1924
3rd J. Edward Fisher, MD 1924-1927
4th Robert L. Jackson, MD 1927-1930
5th Earl W. Turner 1930-1933
6th John R. Coasey, MD 1933-1936
7th Isaac H. Young, DDS 1936-1941
8th John R. Coasey, MD 1941-1943
9th Clifton Murray 1943-1945
10th E. Robert Umphery 1945-1947
11th Thomas W. McPherson 1947-1948
12th R. Maurice Jones 1948-1950
13th E. Robert Umphery 1950-1951
14th Vincent Tubbs 1951-1953
15th Melvin H. Cade, Lt. Col. 1953-1954
16th Idel W.E. Taylor 1954-1956
17th Theodore D. Perkins 1956-1957
18th Richard Hobson 1957-1959
19th Charles G. Tildon, Jr. 1959-1962
20th Samuel H. Adams 1962-1963
21st J. Tyson Tildon, PhD 1963-1964
22nd Joseph H. Thomas, Esq. 1964-1965
23rd Edward Z. Watson 1965-1967
24th John M. Wood 1967-1969
25th Sidney O. Burnett, DDS 1969-1970
26th Donald L Matthews 1970-1972
27th Benjamin F. Page, III 1972-1973
28th William L. Hankins 1973-1974
29th James F. Cooper, MD 1974-1976
30th Howard L. Tutman, Jr. 1976-1978
31th William A. Harris, Col. 1978-1981
32nd Donald E. Rigby 1981-1983
33rd Robert G. Draine, Sr. 1983-1985
34th Lewis H. Richardson, Ed.D. 1985-1987
35th Milton A. Mayo 1987-1989
36th Robert G. Jacobs 1989-1991
37th Lloyd C. Mitchner 1991-1993
38th Meredith M. Evans 1993-1995
39th Harry X. Peaker 1995-1997
40th Howard L. Tutman, III 1997-1999
41st Herbert L. Jenkins 1999-2001
42nd Floyd Talliaferro, III 2001-2003
43rd Nathan L. Fletcher, DDS 2003-2005
44th Kevin F. Clark 2005-2007
45th Darryl L. Godwin 2007-2009
46th Gary Palmer 2009-2011
47th Dedric Rogers 2011-2013
48th Kirk Hemphill 2013-2015
49th Brandon Wylie 2015-2017
50th Theodore Garrett 2017-2019
51st Donald Malcolm Smith 2019-present

BAC Polemarchs


Honors and Awards Level Year Recipient
Elder Watson Diggs Award Grand Chapter 1961 Idell W.E. Taylor
Laurel Wreath Grand Chapter 1980 Dr. G. James Fleming
William Thomas Carter Large Chapter of the Year Eastern Province 1984 Chapter (Robert Draine, Polemarch)
Elder Watson Diggs Award Grand Chapter 1988 Charles G. Tildon
Paul W. Caine Large Chapter of the Year Grand Chapter 1989 Chapter (Robert Jacobs, Polemarch)
William Thomas Carter Large Chapter of the Year Eastern Province 1997 Chapter (Herbert Jenkins, Sr., Polemarch)
William L. Crump History Award Grand Chapter 1991 George F. David, III
Grand Polemarch Grand Chapter 1999 Howard L. Tutman, Jr.
Elder Watson Diggs Award Grand Chapter 1999 Melvin L. Jackson, MD
William L. Crump History Award Grand Chapter 1999 Elbert W. Strothers, PhD
William Thomas Carter Large Chapter of the Year Eastern Province 2003 Chapter (Floyd Taliaferro, III, Polemarch)
Bert V. Watkins Award for Guide Right/Kappa League Director Grand Chapter 2003 William L. Clemm, II
Laurel Wreath Award Grand Chapter 2007 George L. Russell, Esq.
Elder Watson Diggs Award Grand Chapter 2013 George F. David, III
William Thomas Carter Large Chapter of the Year Eastern Province 2003 Chapter (Floyd Taliaferro, III, Polemarch)

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